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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  May 13, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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they searched the home and watertown, massachusetts, and the trunk of a car in nearby brookline. they add to predict executed search warrants in long island and new jersey. -- authorities say faisal shahzad is cooperating in told investigators he received money to finance the plot. he used non-bank funds exchanged through different brokers. >> i think over the next few days, we will find the extent to which he had support in the united states with money and even further with a failed bomb attack appeared. faisal shahzad claims he received training in pockets on. the plot is likely -- likely linked to the pakistan taliban.
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>> for the latest on the investigation and a slide show of today's raids, go to >> baltimore city police are looking to it -- for the driver who hit a pedestrian and went on going. it happened in west baltimore. the victim later on died. they were walking into a block of west how are street. -- west howards treet. street. anyone with any information is asked to call baltimore city police. the state's attorney plans to fight a plan that would eliminate 14 positions in her office. she says she will file an injunction of city budget cuts reach the community outreach efforts. the state constitution does not give the mayor to eliminate positions in the state's attorney's office. a spokesman for the mayor says she is confident they will reach a resolution. >> hundreds of people lined up
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in perryville to vie for jobs at hollywood casino opening this fall. our reporter is live with more on that. >> this job fair attracted hundreds of people, some lined up hours before the doors opened. what kind of job are you looking for? >> the cashier. >> a bartender. >> i can do slots, beverage, just about any position, security. >> all these people, hundreds of them, are looking for a job. the line snaked all around the. all outlet center -- the perryville outlet center. 350 positions available at its new hollywood casino. kim wants to tend borrower.
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she hopes to have a leg up on the competition because she already filled out a job publication online. >> i am very excited. there are a lot of people without jobs. it will bring a lot of jobs to this community. >> hollywood casino made it easy with breaking down jobs by category. food and beverage has 145 positions, gaining a a advertised 30 positions. opportunities from the ground up mean a variety of jobs. those who do not have experience will be given trading -- training. they are offering medical benefits, life insurance, disability, and tuition assistance. starting salaries vary. >> this surveillance at the casino. making sure no one is illegally to bring the machine -- tipping
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the machine. >> i help people with developmental disabilities and depositions. i am looking for positions for six individuals. it would probably be maintenance or landscaping or possibly in the restaurant. >> callbacks for 350 people will be done in august. this same company that will operate the casino is seeking as slots license in anne arundel county. david collins, tv 11 news. >> just two days until baltimore is a big race day. >> the horses out in town. jerry sandusky joins us live tonight. >> how are you? the last thing left is to get their forces comfortable and familiar with the track. that is the focus of these last few days. as far as the big picture is
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concerned, everybody at the maryland jockey club is focused on getting the crowds back. we saw the crowds a drop a year ago from 100,000 to 77,000. $1 million dollars has gone into advertising to bring the crowds back to the preakness. the trainer for super saver on the track this morning. none of the horses have ever run at this track before. i had a chance to visit with the trainer for dublin a minute ago. he said his horses were very strong on that track. the track is ready. the horses are ready. it is a matter of keeping them rested and ready for saturday's race. the question becomes, who wins and who is left with the alibi? the preakness is the only major event where the alibi comes first.
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we will have the legend during alibi later. >> state consumer officials are warning race fans and not to gamble with taxi service to the preakness. the public service commission has issued a reminder of taxi guidelines. taxis held in baltimore city may not offer a flat rate -- baltimore city may not offer a flat rate. if there is no fair shown, you are not obligated to pay. live coverage begins saturday morning at 5:00 a.m. click on sports on for the latest. >> quiet whether or around the region for now. temperatures are cooler thanks to an east to southeast wins.
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not much in the way of rain today. statewide, it is a dry sweep on hd doppler. a warm front is fairly active in western new york state. good thunderstorm activity out through the ohio valley. that is coming our way through the day tomorrow. temperatures are warm air on the west side of the mountains, low to mid 80's. southwestern parts of west virginia, while temperatures are only in the low 60's here. that warmer air should trigger thunderstorms into tomorrow. there is a slight risk that some of the storms could be severe with hail and gusty winds. all of this will move out right now in time for the weekend. see how that forecast for the preakness shapes up. >> another water main ruptured in baltimore. it is not the first time this area has been hit. it broke at the intersection --
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old eastern avenue in essex. dozens of homes and businesses are running dry tonight. >> it has been more than five hours since the break happened and crews are still digging into the hole to clear it out and fix it. this is making life for folks around here difficult. skyteam 11 was over back river neck road in as 6 around noon. - - in essex around noon. several homes, businesses, and a senior living complex are without water. olivia jackson is one of 68 residents of the evergreen senior apartments. she bought this gallon jaunt to drink. >> hopefully it will be back on. >> you give me something for the
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senior citizen building, i would appreciate. >> it was not until two hours later, they ordered water. it forced the state stevens day care and church to close. >> we are losing money because we have after-school care and we cannot have it because we do not have water. >> the department of public works told us that folks in this area may not have water service until tomorrow morning. this is not the first time this has happened in this area. we will tell you more about that at 6:00. we have the video to prove it. you.orge, tahnhank in northwest baltimore, a fire started in the bedroom of a whole lot of around 8:30 this morning. no one was injured. -- in a home around 8:30 this
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morning. >> not so fast for those over the counter genetic test kits. >> they decided to hold off. >> that food label may claim to lower your risk for an illness, but how do you know if it is true? >> business is booming at bwi. what
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>> a lifesaving donation to the baltimore city fire department tonight. johns hopkins and other hospitals equipped all of them with wireless e k g technology. it could be crucial for heart attack patients. >> it is important for those who are making the call to identify acute heart attack patients. it is important for the car seat -- cardiologists as well. we need to intervene right away. this will cut down on time, save time, and identify patients quickly. >> those new devices can transmit to blackberries, which is essential for a physician who may not be at a hospital.
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it should be in all the units by the end of may. >> in medical alert, we told you about the over-the-counter genetic testing kits available soon. tonight, walgreen's has decided to postpone sales because the fda says it not so fast. eric edwards has the details. >> for a few hundred dollars, you could go online and buy a kit that will tell you everything you would want to know about your genetic profile. >> it might give me false concerns. it might give me concerns about things i cannot change. >> kids like this have been selling on the internet for years -- kids like this have been selling on the internet for years. >> people should have a right to any kind of information about their health. >> san diego-based pathway genomics announced it would begin selling the over-the- counter genetic tests and walgreen's starting friday.
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that plan is now on hold. the food and drug administration launched an investigation into why the company did not seek their approval. walgreen's decided to delay selling the kits. even if they do eventually hit store shelves, consumers will be left wondering what to do with the information. >> it is better to be knowledgeable. >> no, i do not want to know. >> if they find they are carriers for cystic are roses, maybe they will not have children -- if they are carriers for cystic fibrosis. >> if you care about your future held, the message is -- eat well, exercise, and have checkups. >> it could advise no matter what is in your genes. >> you see it at the supermarket -- food labels making claims for
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reducing your risk for heart disease to lowering cholesterol. how do know what is true and what is not? that is the question in front of the fda. there are 500 health claims before the regulatory agency right now. they ask the institute of medicine to study how to evaluate each claimant using science. the idea is to make labels accurate and more understandable. >> one of the things we found in testimony was that consumers cannot tell the difference between a fully authorized claim, based on good scientific evidence, and a claim -- >> food claims should be held to the same rigorous testing standards as drugs and medical devices. our food allergies over diagnosed? that is what some scientists are saying. 30 percent of us believe we have a food allergy when only 8% of children 2 and 5% of adults do. -- and 5% of adults do.
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just because it does not agree with you, does not mean you are allergic to it. >> now, your 11 instaweather plus forecast. >> benefiting from a couple days of clotting and wet weather, the pollen count is down again today -- cloudy and wet weather, the pollen count is down again today. a 4 count for grass pollen. total pollen -- 21. temperatures are cool. it is only in the low 60's are around the beltway at this hour. 62 degrees in pipes built -- pikesville.
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across the chesapeake bay, rochester town coming in at 62 degrees. 62.hestrown coming in aat a hint of warmer temperatures west.the we are stuck on the cool site of a warm front that has stalled in our region. temperatures will not change much at all tonight. the war front will move back across the region, we could see temperatures climbing into the upper 50's. temperatures start rising again towards sunrise. the sun coming up -- going down this evening at 8:11. the sun coming up tomorrow morning at 6:00 or just before that. the warmer part of this system is kicking up strong
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thunderstorms in parts of the ohio valley. some of those storms could had our way. -- could head our way. a slight risk for severe thunderstorms for friday afternoon. storms may break out during the heat of the afternoon. it will turn humid and warmer tomorrow. the worst of the weather may be to our south into parts of virginia and the carolinas. the storms moved out tomorrow night. by daybreak on saturday, we have sunshine moving back into the region. winds out of the northwest at 10-50 miles per hour. post time about 6:00 -- clear skies, northwesterly breeze, temperatures in the upper 60's, low 70's. clear skies sunday.
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a picture-perfect may weekend. a humid and cloudy day tomorrow. warmer -- highs of 79 to 84. of 30% chance that your backyard could be hit by those thunderstorms. sohwest winds gusting to 20 knots. potential for occasional thunderstorms. if you are going to be out on the chesapeake bay, keep an eye on the sky on friday. beautiful saturday. mostly sunny, 73. 40's in the morning on sunday. warming to 73 in the afternoon. another chance of thunderstorms on monday and tuesday. >> bp is still trying to stop that massive oil leak in the gulf of mexico. >> the situation is only getting worse as the oil washes up on the fragile coastline. >> more banks under
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investigation by the feds and the state of new york is the senate debates financial regulation. those stories coming up next. >> high school graduation is weeks away.
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>> a change in plans tonight in the gulf of mexico. bp will first try sucking oil away from the oil well it we did with a 6 inch tube. -- with a 6 inch tube. jay gray has the latest from louisiana. >> as oil continues to pour out of the fractured wellhead, the latest efforts to stop that flow has been delayed. the containment dome will not be in place until sometime next week. with no guarantee it will work, engineers are working on another option for controlling the oil. >> it is simply trying to insert it far enough into the riser. >> fishermen are still pulling oysters from areas of the louisiana coast, but not near as many as normal. as the oil creeps in, mitch
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understands it could get worsse. e. >> we can survive a closure. we cannot survive if the oil and end dates and winds up killing the ecosystem. >> that is why he does not take anything for granted anymore. >> it is hard to sleep at night. you think about a lot of things. today i am so happy to be on the water. one of the happiest times in my life because i am still capable of doing it. tomorrow, next week may be a different story. >> it seems to change every hour. for now, it looks like that flow will continue. more than 200,000 gallons every day through the first of next week. >> in the wake of that oil spill, senators from california,
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oregon, and washington are calling for a permanent protection from offshore drilling. the bill led by a barbara boxer would permanently ban all new offshore drilling in federal waters along the west coast. >> there is no permanent protection for us. this is our only route to go. we need permanent protection. we believe offshore oil drilling is not worth the risk. i think you have every senator on the west coast saying, we do not want it. we will fight to protect our coast. the beginning is this bill. >> president obama had put a moratorium on drilling off the west coast until 2017, but that ban is dependent upon mr. obama's presidency. >> we will recap the top stories. >> including a long time annapolis tradition that may be nearing an end.
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why they are considering doing away with the herndon clyburn >> we are learning more about the young boy who is the only one to survive the plane crash in libya. >> bwi is one of two major airports in the country to do
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>> only two of the airports celebrated in increase in passenger service last year. nearly 21 million airports came out of the airport in 2009. that is up from 2008. what is behind the increase? what does that mean for
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business? >> stan, this is really terrific news for the region. bwi proving it is a real player in this business, performing better than dulles, national, and philadelphia. not only great for businesses, but passengers as well. bwi has come a long way, playing a part of kid brother to airports like national, dollars, and philadelphia. those airports could it take a page from bwi's success. >> we make it as easy as possible for passengers. that is something we focus on. it makes a difference. >> according to the executive director, 21 million passengers flew out of the airport in 2009, a 2% jump from 2008.
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san francisco was the only other airport in the country to see a similar rise. it is a combination announced -- of strength and location of the region, competition from low-cost airlines, and ease of access. according to the business partnership, it is bleeding over into surrounding communities. >> we have surrounding hotels, vendors who are dependent upon us. as we go up, they go up. >> a lot of military is coming to the hotel. it has had a positive impact. >> over at the westin hotel, they say they have seen a steady stream of government, military, corporate, and tourist travelers. they have had to hire more staff. all proof that an economic recovery is well on its way in the baltimore-washington region. >> is a leading economic indicator. people make plans a few months ahead of time to make trips.
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people thought three months before that things were going well. >> there is more good news. officials and some of the hotels are expecting numbers declined further in 2010. one of the main reason is because bwi will be adding more flights. southwest airlines by the end of the summer will have 182 departing flights, the most they have ever had at this airport. >> all good news. here is a look at our other top stories. two more men are in police custody, accused of taking part in that failed time squared car bombing. they were arrested during raids in massachusetts. it is believed they gave money to faisal shahzad. a third person was arrested in maine, but we have since learned that or rest is unrelated to the times square probe.
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the lone survivor of wednesday's plane crash in libya was reunited with his aunt and uncle today. he lost his parents and his brother in the crash that killed 103. his relatives saw the video of him in a hospital bed and called authorities. rubin is in shock, but is talking and eating. he has had surgery to repair fractures in his legs. no word on what caused the plane crash. the organizers of the methadone clinic have decided to move out of pikesville. it will comply with a county law establishing a buffer zone. it had been challenging the law, saying it violated the americans with disabilities act. some patients loiter, litter and relieve themselves in public. the clinic claims those exaggeration -- those are exaggerations. >> a third grade teacher in
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south baltimore has been named it the cities teacher of the year. brian rainville was presented with the honor during a surprise visit this morning. he began his career as a kindergarten teacher back in 2005. >> the reason i can accomplish what theecause of children can do. this is a wonderful class. >> he says his greatest accomplishment in the classroom was leading his first third grade class through a 100% pass rate on msa's. >> it is been a tradition since 1940's, but time may be running out for the herndon climb. since 1940, the incoming plebe class has climbed the statue covered in lard. the first to reach that hat will
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be the first to reach the rank of admiral or general. the safety concerns and other team building exercises might bring in end to this tradition. this year's clime will go on as scheduled, but it is expected to be reconsidered next year. >> there is word today of wall street banks under investigation by state and federal prosecutors. the probe into whether banks defrauded investors. our reporter is on capitol hill with our project economy report. >> new york state attorney general andrew cuomo is going after eight banks. he is investigating whether the institutions, some in the u.s. and some in europe, provided false information to ratings services like standard and to makeand anmoody's securities look safe when they were risky. >> our ratings industries were
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interested in their bottom line instead of getting accurate ratings for financial instruments, which are pension funds were buying. >> federal prosecutors are suing goldman sachs and are now widening their probe to include four more banks. the senate debated tougher financial regulation. >> this country has witnessed a bailout after bailout after bailout. and yet, not one piece of legislation has passed this body that would establish protections for taxpayers. >> president obama was in buffalo saying steps he took to rescue the economy worked. >> we can say beyond a shadow of doubt, today we are headed in the right direction. >> he headed for some wings earlier. in an nbc poll, only 51% believe that president obama is more concerned about the financial interests of average americans than the interests of large corporations. >> members of congress are much
5:36 pm
less trusted. 53% say democrats care more about corporations than average americans. >> still ahead, we will introduce you to a graduating senior who attended 12 years of class without missing a single day. >> a shocking story out of the classroom. it is nothing to brag about. that is not two students, but a teacher and student. the story behind the cell phone video. >> in the sport of kings, tradition must be followed. the breakfast is tradition must be followed. the breakfast is
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i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, we're getting way too many channels. no, no. that's -- that's standard. fios also comes with 11,000 free movies and shows on demand per month. ah, standard. gotcha.
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a certain somebody says "thank you." tell him "he's welcome," but it's still standard. he's happy to be back with his friends. is he? [ male announcer ] call now and get fios tv, internet, and phone for just $99.99 a month guaranteed for two years! this is beyond cable. this is fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> the state of ohio has executed a hitchhiker who admitted to shooting and killing of motorists who gave him all right. he died from lethal injection at 10:53 this morning. he was dubbed the homicidal hitchhiker, for the murders back in 1983. a man from indiana survived. he expressed remorse. he is the fifth inmate to be
5:40 pm
executed in ohio this year, second only to taxes that. seven inmates to death in 2010. >> a teacher was fired after assaulting her student in the classroom. this is cell phone video taken by another student. the fight happened after the teachers thought the 13-year-old was making fun of the mentally challenged girl. school officials say they are talking up to other teachers to find out what happened. a teacher never has reason to attack a child. >> in addition to teaching children, we have to respect them. what that teacher dad was against everything this school stands for -- what the teacher did was against everything this school stands for. >> the teacher was initially reassigned but was fired after officials watched the video. she plans to file a complaint against the teacher. >> a positive story. a california high school senior
5:41 pm
is about to pull off an amazing feat. she has a 4.6 gpa, she is the class valedictorian, and she never missed a day of school. >> this is a goal i set for myself. education is so important to me. >> for those of you trying to do the math, this golden has attended -- this student has attended 18,720 hours in the classroom. she plans to go to fresno state where she will study to be an accountant. her sister has never missed a day of school, either. >> fresno state would be lucky to get her. a new survey suggests that recent college graduates should take a plan -- a chance on baltimore. >> we made it in the top-10 list of entry-level cities. >> new numbers on the number of home foreclosures. there is it -- there is
5:42 pm
encouraging news, but there is cause for concern in tonight's consumer alert. >> of roller-coaster ride on the thermometer. it is cooler than normal, but he will be up tomorrow. we could have some thunderstorms. 61 at the airport. 60 degrees
5:43 pm
>> here is what we're looking on -- working on for 11 news at 6:00. details on efforts to get us lots license for laurel park. dozens of residents are without water after a water main break in essex. we will have these stories and
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>> in congress, where the nation's leaders debate serious matters, there is one piece of legislation that cannot wait. >> the so-called potty parity act is working its way to the house. it requires equal rest room facilities for men and women in federal buildings. we are joined from our washington bureau by sally. >> many federal buildings were built decades before so many women entered the federal work force. lawmakers say that has meant fewer women's restrooms, and they say that is not fair. it is something that cuts across all political party lines, even in washington.
5:46 pm
everyone has to go. ela are fedike pam and up with inadequate restroom facilities. >> it is a waste of my time. i resent having to stand in line. >> a house committee held a here to if -- a hearing to flush out the facts. the potty parity act is the answer.r the legislation requires the women's restrooms have an equal or greater number of toilets than men. the law would apply to new federal buildings or those undergoing renovation. sponsors of the bill say the lack of gender parity is a women's health issue that should not be trivialized. >> a condition that has been invidious. we have not dealt with it. women have -- coping equipment. it is needless. >> there is our current
5:47 pm
requirement for a three-two torula per restroom for assembly restroom toilet per for assembly areas. that is not possible for other federal buildings. >> why can they -- can't they have unisex bathroom. >> as similar bill was introduced in the house more than a year ago, and is stalled in committee. >> ok, sally, what about inequities in existing federal buildings? this bill does not solve the problem? >> no, it does not. this applies only to federal buildings under construction or that are being renovated it. the general service administration says it is doing what it can. since the 1980's, it has converted some men's restrooms to women's to level the playing field. >> live in washington.
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thank you. >> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with our chief meteorologist. >> this part of may, temperatures are supposed to be in the low or mid 70's. but today, another cold day. 62 for thou hide. that is 12 degrees short of normal. back to 1881, there was a stretch of temperatures in the mid 90's. not this time around. only 62 of the airport. pollen count came down thanks to clouds and showers. that helps alleviate some of the allergy conditions. temperatures are running in the upper 50's to lower 60's. 63 in frederick. 60 degrees in hagerstown. off to the shore, temperatures ranging to the low 60's. east, a cool 59.
5:49 pm
annapolis is a 57 at this hour. there is warmer air to our west. 83 degrees in charleston, west virginia. you can see that temperature contrast. that is a warm front that is moving towards baltimore tonight. we will be in that war mayor tomorrow. as the war front approaches, expect clouds ,fogs, temperatures in the low to mid 60's. once we get into that warm, humid air, a slight risk for a severe thunderstorm in our region tomorrow afternoon. storms are cutting across the ohio valley, back into the mississippi river valley. the cluster storms -- cluster of storms are interesting in south eastern missouri. the warm front marches through tomorrow morning. temperatures will climb. that is when we have a chance for a strong thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon and evening. right now, the storms will get
5:50 pm
out of here in time to clear up things for the weekend. friday afternoon, partly cloudy skies. storms popping up in the mountains. they will move fairly quickly, so that by saturday morning, skies will clear up. the winds are shifting to the northwest. lots of sunshine heading through saturday evening. clear skies and in northwest breeze of -- with temperatures in the upper 60's for the preakness on saturday evening. the beautiful weather will last on sunday as well. the possibility of severe thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. highs of 79-84. thunderstorms likely. it should clear up nicely for the weekend. a thunderstorm and 82 around the bay tomorrow. floris to ensure gets warm and muggy. southwest winds gusting to 20 knots. there is a small craft advisory. clearing out small.
5:51 pm
very comfortable for the preakness. more showers and thunderstorms on monday and tuesday. >> in tonight's consumer alert, there are new home foreclosure numbers out tonight. millions of americans are likely to lose their homes, but things look better. home foreclosures dropped in april. foreclosures were down 9% compared with march, down 2.4% compared to a year ago. it is the first year to year or pri -- improvement in five years. >> i think the trend lines might finally be starting to improve, but the fact that we have 6.5 million loans that are seriously thdelinquency just as we are not of the woods. >> one in every 69
5:52 pm
households received a foreclosure notice. the average rate dipped to 4.9% from a week earlier. it was the lowest level since mid december when rates averaged 4.81%. in project economy, the college class of 2010 gets ready to hit the job market. some are wondering which cities provide the best opportunities. baltimore is in the top 10, according to career other cities include dallas, cincinnati, and denver. baltimore came in ninth with an average rent of over $1,000. the popular entry-level jobs in sales, customer service, and management. >> ago, baltimore. more than 50,000 high-school graduates are expected to walk across the stage in maryland
5:53 pm
today. >> many are choosing to serve their country instead of going to college. breakfast.he alibi everyone has an excuse.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
>> and they're off. another preakness tradition. the crab derby got underway. the winner got $500 donated to their favorite charity. >> tradition must be followed.
5:56 pm
the alibi breakfast is a big tradition for the preakness. >> that rackers provides some light-hearted moments in the days leading up to the big race. -- that breakfast provides some light-hearted moment. >> what started in the 1930's, has morphed into and a leopard spread. -- an elaborate spread. >> i had no excuses. i got t-boned early. >> while these competitors are good friends, lucas as two horses in the preakness. they swapped riders for raise. >> we were getting on in years. he felt sorry for me. he said, you what my writer? just take him. >> number9 is happy to be in
5:57 pm
baltimore. he thinks his course has a shot. >> he has not disgraced himself -- he thinks his horse has a shot. >> if we get a clear road, we will be in good shape. >> super saver winner cannot settle on an alibi. >> there are so many excuses. you go down a list. >> super saver is the only one to win a triple crown. >> it feels pretty special. this is where everybody wants to be. you can experience this once-in- a-lifetime. it is phenomenal. >> we will have to wait until the end of the race to see if any of the predictions come true. >> all right. as we have been reporting, we need your help to decide which hat they were for this year's
5:58 pm
preakness. we start with lisa. text the letter "a" to 88509. if you liukke this one, text "b." or letter "c." >> here is the first choice for deborah. tech's the number one. -- text the number one. if this is the hat, text number two. the red one -- text the number 3 to 88509. you can vote for your favorite on our web site we will reveal the winning hats on preakness day. >> what was the number? >> 88509. here is a look at what is coming up new at 6:00.
5:59 pm
>> new developments regarding slots in anne arundel county. >> more maryland high school graduates are heading to the military. i will tell you why the numbers may be going up. >> they had just paid this over from the last water main break, and guess what? it happened again. what happened this time? >> live, local, and late- breaking, this is wbal in hd. >> hundreds show up for a jobs fair. they are looking for the opportunity to work and is lots palace. the same company is rolling the dice to give us lots license from laurie: county. -- a slots county in laurel county. >> national gaming is teaming up to get a license for laurel track. a new lawsuit has been filed to stop efforts to prevent a parlor


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